Fairphone 5 approaching with first visuals

Fairphone, the Dutch ethical smartphone maker, is working on the fifth iteration of its product. The Fairphone 5, whose details have been partially revealed by Android Authority, should keep what makes it charming.

Technological innovation is not always synonymous with excess and obsolescence. Fairphone, the famous Dutch smartphone manufacturer, proves this with each product release.

Fairphone strives to revolutionize the mobile phone industry through its unique ethical approach. By focusing on durability, the firm designs robust and modular smartphones that can be easily repaired, helping to extend their lifespan.

In the same vein, it is committed to fairness by ensuring the origin of the materials used and the working conditions of employees throughout the production chain. Finally, Fairphone is firmly committed to an effective recycling policy, offering take-back and recycling programs for old phones to minimize the environmental footprint of its products.

The Fairphone 4 won over with its innovative concept, ethical attention to detail and respectable technical characteristics. Today, the Dutch firm is working on the fifth iteration of its flagship product. And thanks to Android Authority, we have some early information on what the Fairphone 5 has in store.

According to the information relayed, the Fairphone 5 would sport a triangular camera module on the back, housing two wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle sensors, an LED flash, and an intriguing third depth sensor. The latter arouses curiosity, although its usefulness remains to be demonstrated.

Refreshing colors

Aesthetically, the Fairphone 5 also promises change. It would be offered in black, like the previous versions, but also in a new light blue and transparent variant. These new colors bring a breath of fresh air to the Fairphone range, known until now for its distinctive shades of green.

True to its values, Fairphone does not forget the essentials: accessibility and durability. The Fairphone 5 would thus maintain thee microSD slot, for on-demand memory expansion, and the removable battery, an increasingly rare feature in the smartphone market. These elements contribute to the company’s effort to extend the life of its devices, and they are in perfect compliance with the new European Union directives on the right to repair.

Fairphone 5 supposed // Source: Android Authority

At this point, the leak does not indicate anything about the other technical characteristics of the Fairphone 5. So there are still many unknowns. However, we can expect a more powerful SoC and extended software support for many years. Another speculation, the arrival of water resistance, a real resistance to falls in water, which was sorely lacking on previous models.

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