Facebook trap.  They cut up your family and friends

Facebook trap. They cut up your family and friends

Cybercriminals do not sleep and more people have fallen victim to them. This time, they hacked into a social media account and deceived the victim’s family and friends.

There are many people and even entire groups on the Internet who make a living by defrauding others. That’s why you should always be on your guard, even if someone from your family or friends contacts you via messenger. Recently, a 24-year-old woman from Osiek found out about this.

Fraudsters extorted money from family and friends

According to the Małopolska police, they recently admitted it report from a 24-year-old resident of Osiek. The woman testified that fraudsters hacked into her social media account and then they started writing to her friends and family. Impersonating the owner of the social media account, they argued that they were in need and they urgently need several hundred zlotys. They encouraged potential victims to transfer money via Blik.

Fortunately, this time the fraud attempt turned out to be unsuccessful. Only two friends of the 24-year-old woman were fooled, and even then they did not send money via Blik, as the fraudsters expected, but directly to her bank account. However, it is worth remembering that such situations do not always end happily. The police appeal to always verify whether it is really our friend or family member asking for a loan, e.g. by calling that person.

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