Czeka nas droga elektronika. Wszystko przez ceny prądu

Expensive electronics await us. All because of electricity prices

We don’t have good news for people who planned to buy electronics this year. Significant price increases are expected, which producers will pass on to consumers.

Most electronics these days are manufactured in Asia. Specialized systems such as CPUs, GPUs and SoCs are made in Taiwan and then used to produce laptops, smartphones and computer components. In the case of semiconductor production, it leads the way TSMC.

Taiwan is keeping a close eye on South Korea

However, it looks like the equipment may soon become much more expensive. All because it is scheduled to take place in Taiwan from April increase in electricity prices. According to TrendForce, giants such as TSMC and Micron will see o 30% higher bills than beforeand the increased costs will be passed on to customers.

While details of the changes are still being finalized, it is assumed that super consumers, who have used more than 5 billion kWh annually over the past two years, will face the largest price increases – by 30%. Increases for smaller customers will be “only” from 5% to 10%.

However, there are two lights at the end of the tunnel for giants such as TSMC and Micron. Firstly, large industrial companies that prove reductions in energy consumption over the next two years can count on being placed in a lower segment of price increases.

Expensive electronics await us.  All because of electricity prices

Secondly Taiwan uses South Korean prices as a benchmark for Taiwan’s electricity pricing strategy. In other words, the nationalized Taiwanese energy company does not want to make changes that would disadvantage local companies like TSMC.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that even with price increases, Taiwan will have cheap electricity. Currently, they have been frozen since September last year and amount to an average of NT 3.12 (approx. PLN 0.39) per kWh. For comparison, the average price of 1 kilowatt hour in Poland in 2024 is currently approximately PLN 1.15.

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