excellent news for the price of this future electric car

Renault provides some news on its electrification plan with its new Ampère brand. And she takes the opportunity to talk about her Renault 5 (R5) E-Tech, the price of which was finally revised downward in the face of growing competition.

Electric cars are still expensive, although we know that driving such a vehicle is in fact more economical. But this still remains a brake, even if parity is getting closer and could be reached before the end of the decade for small cars.

Promise kept?

This is thanks to the falling cost of lithium, which allows manufacturers to offer cheaper cars. And the latter will not deprive themselves of it, since more and more of them want launch very affordable electric models, under 25,000 euros. This is the case for Volkswagen but also for Citroën with its new ë-C3not to mention Opel and Ford, among others.

But this is also the case for Renault, which unveiled at the start of 2021 thee concept announcing its future R5 E-Tech. Originally, the electric city car was to be priced below 20,000 euros. A price ultimately revised upwards to 25,000 euros. Then, last August, the manufacturer actually announced a price below 30,000 euros. An increase that we owe in particular to its production in France, more expensive than in China.

Which did not fail to disappoint, as the brand’s boss announced that its development by the new Ampère brand would make it possible to lower the price. But in fact, it turns out that this really will be the case. The new division dedicated to electricity from the diamond brand getting ready to give a lecture in order to announce in more detail its plans for the future.

It also took the opportunity to publish a press release, detailing its strategy for the coming years. And the least we can say is that this one is very interesting, while the young brand gives us some news about the highly anticipated Renault 5, which should ultimately keep its promise ofbe an affordable car.

Around 25,000 euros

Indeed, the electrical division, which will be responsible for develop zero-emission engines (exhaust) as well as software for Renault cars in Europe reveals important new information. In particular, it confirms to us that the future R5 will see the light of day next year (unveiled during the first quarter of 2024), but not only that.

And for good reason, we also learn that the city car will actually cost “around 25,000 euros”, and not 30,000 euros as announced earlier. We should therefore be between 25,000 and 30,000 euros. Very good news for future customers, while waiting for the arrival of the Renault Legend, which will be launched a little later and which will cost less than 20,000 euros. But then, what explains this sudden turnaround in the situation?

No doubt the revelation of the new Citroën ë-C3 has precipitated change, since the city car will also cost less than 25,000 euros. Especially since competition will become increasingly tough, and Renault risks losing market share by remaining more expensive than the others. Especially since a version at 19,990 euros is planned for 2025.

Let us point out that the price of around 25,000 euros will concern the entry level. The version with more than 400 km of autonomy should, a priori, cost more than the version with 300 km.

In addition, the Ampère press release explains that “ With its clear roadmap of 40% cost reduction in a generation, Ampere will be able to gradually reduce the prices of its vehicles while improving margins“.

Thus, the new entity will be able to benefit from Renault’s experience in electric vehicles to lower its research and development costs. This will affect the final price paid by customers. According to Ampère, it would be possible to reduce battery costs by 50%, the most expensive element on an electric car since it represents around 40% of the total cost. This is particularly why small accumulators are recommended.

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