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The MG4 Grande Autonomie (Long Range) arrives in Europe. We already know its complete technical data sheet, just like that of the future super-powerful MG4 X-Power, which will come to hunt on the lands of the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

The MG4 is one of the best value for money electric cars. And the Chinese manufacturer MG is preparing to market two new variants of its electric compact. In addition to the two different batteries already on the market (51 and 64 kWh) allowing respectively to reach 350 and 450 km of autonomy on the WLTP mixed cycle, two new versions are currently on their way to Europe according to the Dutch ofauto week.

MG4 Great Autonomy: 520 km on the clock

The first version is the Great Autonomy, or Long Range in Shakespeare’s language. We had already seen it pass a few weeks ago, since it is already marketed in Australia. We therefore already know its technical characteristics, with, in particular, a battery with a capacity of 77 kWh.

If it promises a range of 530 km in Australia, it would seem that this is 520 km in Europe. We will have to wait for the official press release to know for sure.

The rear wheels will be driven by a engine with a power of 245 hp. The 0 to 100 km / h is then achieved in 7 seconds, against 7.9 seconds for the versions with less autonomy of the MG4. There recharging is also supposed to be fasterwith a 10 to 80% achieved in 28 minutes, compared to about 35 minutes usually on the MG4.

Be careful, however, on this point, apparently, recharging is also faster on the 51 and 64 kWh batteries. Indeed, as we saw in Germany a few weeks ago, MG is marketing new MG4s, with renewed equipment and increased charging speed: 26 and 37 minutes respectively for the two batteries, compared to around 35 and 40 minutes currently, for the versions sold in France.

But for the moment, in France, we have to be content with the classic MG4s, produced since 2022.

MG4 X-Power: super powerful

We now move on to the MG4 X-Power, the one that was designed to come and play elbows with the Tesla Mode 3 Performance. On the program: a cumulative power of 435 hp thanks to two motors (one per axle) to transform the rear-wheel-drive compact into a all-wheel drive.

The 0 to 100 km / h would then be achieved in about 3.8 seconds. Compare with the 436 hp of the Tesla Model 3 Performance which propels it from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds.

Small disappointment, however, in the radius of autonomy, since the MG4 X-Power does not integrate the large battery of 77 kWh, but the intermediary, with a capacity of 64 kWh. So, autonomy drops to 385 km.

In reality, this is not prohibitive, since, as we have already proven on a Paris – Marseille trip, an electric car with a autonomy of 400 km is more than enough to cross France. Provided that it is equipped with fast charging, which is of course the case here.

Price and availability

Surely you expect the price and availability of these new MG4 Long Autonomy and X-Power. Unfortunately, the European prices are not yet communicated. However, we know that in Australia, the Long Range version of the MG4 is sold cheaper than the Tesla Model 3 Propulsionwhich offers 510 km of range.

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But these new versions should soon arrive in France. We already know that in Germany, the 54 and 61 kWh variants have undergone changes in recent weeks, with more complete equipment and faster recharging speed… but with a sharply rising price of around 3,000 euros. It should be similar in France, with a price increase to be expected.

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