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The Belgian brand Cowboy unveils a new electric bike located halfway between its current Cowboy 4 and Cowboy 4 ST: here is the Cruiser, available from July 3 at a price of 2990 euros.

Launched in 2017, the Cowboy brand has managed to make a name for itself and a place in the connected electric bike market. In 2022, the Belgian company marketed its fourth generation of VAE, the famous Cowboy 4 and Cowboy 4 ST. They are now joined by a third version called Cruiser, the brand tells us.

This Cruiser is located halfway between the two current models: it uses the closed frame of the first, but opts for the more curved handlebars of the second. “This new e-bike was developed following feedback from the urban community of Cowboy, who requested a more upright, Dutch-style riding position to improve posture and visibility on the road.“says the company.

A smooth evolution

Cowboy also specifies that it has installed a new, wider saddle that is supposed, logically, to promote comfort thanks to a larger seating surface.

There is also talk of a higher gear ratio.to allow a more relaxed driving“. For its part, the raised and curved handlebar tends to favor a more natural position of the hands. For the rest, nothing changes. Here, it is above all a question of a smooth evolution above all centered on the format of the biclou.


This Cowboy Cruiser thus uses the technical specifications of its friends: removable battery whose capacity has not been specified – we imagine that it is identical to the others -, carbon belt, hydraulic disc brakes, mudguards and anti-skid tires. – 47 mm thick puncture. Its weight reaches 19.3 kg, more or less the same value as the Cowboy 4 ST.

By the way, don’t call the Cowboy 4 and Cowboy 4 ST that way anymore: their names are changing.

Quadlock and Google Maps on the menu

The technological guarantee of the brand obviously remains relevant: the cockpit thus integrates a quadlock support and a wireless charge. The perfect opportunity to put down your phone and take advantage of the latest feature of the Cowboy app: a navigation service based on Google Maps. A real plus.


The new Cruiser will be available for testing in stores and through its convenient network of test riders, bookable on the website“, concludes the brand. As a reminder, the manufacturer aims to recruit 300 new partners in 60 cities of the Old Continent by the end of 2023.

Testing and directly buying a Cowboy in one of the partner shops will thus be possible. The cities of Paris, Lille, Nancy, Lyon and Marseille are currently concerned in France – after-sales service only for the latter two.

Cowboy Cruiser: Price and Availability

As for the price, the Cruiser aligns with its cousins: 2990 euros, for availability from July 3, 2023. Now to know if the price increase in its catalog recently announced by Cowboy, and scheduled for next August, will apply also to this newcomer. Between us, we do not see why he would be spared. Even if we are not immune to a nice surprise.

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