Everything suggests that a new electric cargo bike is imminent

Hardly a month goes by without a new electric bike from Decathlon. The month of October could see something new, an electric two-porter expected and normally revealed in a few days.

Since 2021, the Decathlon R500E cargo bike has been a sensation in France. Although it is not the most high-end or powerful electric longtail, this model “kills the game” with its unbeatable price/performance ratio on the market: less than 3,000 euros. But they have the right to want even more loading and to have their children in the front – this can be more reassuring.

This is what biporters offer, for example, with their elongated front axle capable of accommodating a cargo box.

Decathlon zoom two-wheel electric bike

We can tell you right away, Decathlon has been preparing a two-carrier electric bike for several years. It should be announced next week, during its annual Decathlon Innovation event. A teasing shows part of the machine, its rear part more precisely.

Here, Decathlon deliberately hides the front tray, the front wheel, and potentially the famous loading compartment. This choice to conceal this part of the bike leaves little room for doubt as to the attentions of the tricolor sign.

A cargo bike has already been on the streets for a long time

It should also be noted that prototypes are already running in Lille, close to Btwin headquarters, since at least 2020 according to our sources, as was the case for the R500E longtail from 2019. We were able to see some in circulation ourselves, without however, be able to immortalize them.

Other Internet users also confirmed it through X (formerly Twitter). Why are these bikes exhibited in preview in the streets of Lille? The brand recalled this in the documentary on France 5, it uses its employees to test its bikes in real conditions.

What to expect from this new Decathlon biporter?

First of all, you have to expect an unbeatable price. Knowing that Decathlon’s recumbent bike generally charges a much lower price than its rivals, we hope that this model will not flirt too much with 4,000 euros. Because the Decathlon two-wheeler will opt for a central engine, hoping that it will be the superb E2Drives Owuru with automatic transmission from the Btwin LD920E.

In any case, this is what we want, since the teaser image does not provide any additional information on this subject. If this is the case, and if the bike has a fairly generous battery (500 Wh minimum), then other scooter specialists often starting at more than 5,000 euros will have something to worry about. We also note a rear wheel lock, a luggage rack, a high fairing on the chain, and brakes resembling Tektro (4 pistons?).

As for the scoop photo visible on X, they definitely confirm an electric cargo bike. The Decathlon would have a Babboe-style wooden body, equipped with a hood for bad weather, front suspension and a double stand under the steering column.

See you on October 11 on Survoltés to find out more.

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