Każdy włączy to w Windowsie. Filmy zyskają nowe życie

Everyone will enable it in Windows. Movies will gain a new life

Microsoft is working to add the resolution scaling technique not only to games, but possibly to Windows applications as well.

Probably all gamers have heard about NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FidelityFX SuperResolution or Intel XeSS techniques. All of them allow you to scale game resolutions, which significantly increases the number of frames per second. Microsoft wants to take advantage of this and is planning a similar solution for Windows.

Resolution scaling in Windows applications

The new feature appeared in Windows 11 Insider Build 24H2. It is located in the settings, in the system/display/graphics settings tab. Although the description includes information that it allows resolution scaling in supported games, it is easy to imagine that Microsoft will also want to use it in applications.

How? The first thing that comes to mind are all kinds of media players that could scale the video resolution to obtain better image quality. Of course, converting a video from Full HD to 4K will not give the same effect as material natively recorded in Ultra HD, but the improvement should be noticeable.

It is also unclear what happens to the games themselves. Will developers have to introduce support for Auto SR (Auto Super Resolution), or will it work at the driver level, such as Radeon Super Resolution, and will also work in older productions, e.g. retro games and those that do not support resolution scaling? We do not know the answers to these questions.

Auto SR in Windows 11 will only work on computers equipped with NPU (Neural Processing Unit), which are available in new AMD and Intel processors. In theory, the function should also be compatible with GeForce RTX cards, which have special Tensor cores.

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