Every second Pole has this problem.  VeloBank presents a solution

Every second Pole has this problem. VeloBank presents a solution

VeloBank is introducing a new service, which, according to the bank, is the answer to a problem affecting as many as 55% of Poles. It’s about paying your bills on time.

VeloBank introduced a new function My bills together with BillTech Group, the service’s technological partner. The solution is addressed to everyone who uses banking web or mobile and bill their services using digital invoices – for example, electricity, gas, internet, cable or insurance.

The My Bills service includes payments in PLN. It allows you to maintain control over your expenses and reminds you of upcoming deadlines allows you to pay several invoices instantly by adding them to the payment cart.

Customers who activate My Accounts will have insight into invoices from various suppliers and quick ability to pay them individually or collectively. VeloBank argues that market research shows that more than half of Poles, as many as… 55% have problems paying bills on time.

According to a 2022 Blue Media study, only 45% of people declare that they never forget about payments. The reasons for delays do not have to be financial. Until 81% of those who pay bills after the due date simply forget about themand 8% indicate that he had other more important things on his mind.

My accounts in VeloBank. How it’s working?

After activating the service My bills, whose technological partner is BillTech Group, the client selects the suppliers whose invoices he wants to import into the banking application. It is available to users almost 1.5 thousand partners.

The new service stores documents, grouping them into three categories: current, future (with a payment deadline of more than 30 days) and paid. As part of the service, BillTech Group provides data from individual suppliers, but for this to be possible, the client must have electronic invoices activated.

Additionally, in the process of adding suppliers, you should: provide your login details on their websites. After this process, the details from the invoices are automatically copied to the payment template, which can be made at any time in VeloBank’s digital channels.

Documents from suppliers selected by the client will be provided appear automatically. This saves time because instead of logging in in many places or checking e-mails, you just need to log in to banking and verify issued invoices.

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