Każdy Polak musi o tym pamiętać. Masz czas do 30 kwietnia

Every Pole must remember this. You have until April 30

You have been able to settle your PIT for almost a month now. However, not everyone knows that you don’t have to go to the office to do it.

One of the most important obligations of an adult natural person towards the state is cannual settlement of income tax. All persons who obtained any income taxed under the PIT Act in 2023 are obliged to submit a PIT declaration. Documents can be submitted from February 15.

Submit your PIT declaration online

Many people probably remember the times when you had to go to the Tax Office with a completed document to submit your annual tax return. Those times are long gone and many official matters can be handled via the Internet. This is no different PIT declaration.

Just go to tax.gov.pl, select PIT tax, and then log in using a trusted profile or another method. Next, there will be a document waiting for us and as long as we don’t find any errors in it, we will be able toand confirm the declaration with one click.

People who have not yet sent their declaration should do so as soon as possible. The period for settling PIT income tax ends after April 30.

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