Even a small bite can be fatal.  Scientists have found an antidote

Even a small bite can be fatal. Scientists have found an antidote

Scientists have discovered an antidote to the bite of the black widow spider. They focused on the European variety of the deadly creature.

According to data published in Frontiers in Immunology, Scientists from Germany have discovered a potential human-specific antidote to black widow spider venom.

In laboratory tests of cell cultures, An antibody has been identified that effectively neutralizes this deadly venom. The antibody is called MRU44-4-A1 and it was extremely effective in neutralizing black widow venom. It could replace equine antivenom currently used to treat people terminally ill after black widow bites.

Scientists focused on the European black widow, found in the Mediterranean region. using gene technology, researchers generated dozens of human antibodies that could neutralize alpha-latrotoxin, a venom produced by the spider. This substance attacks the nervous system and causes symptoms such as severe pain, muscle spasms, difficulty breathing, headache, nausea, etc. In severe cases, immediate hospitalization is required.

Unfortunately, there is more than one variety of black widow spiders. Other scientists also have room to show off their skills. In the United States alone, there are three species: the northern, western and southern black widow. The discovered antidote only works for this one species of spider being tested.

To develop treatments for all latrotoxins, not just European black widow toxin, we would need improved cross-reactive antibodies.

– said Michael Hust, a biologist at the University of Technology in Braunschweig.

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