Sprzęt dla prawdziwych graczy zawitał do Polski

Equipment for real gamers has arrived in Poland

The recently announced mouse and monitor from ZOWIE debut in Poland. We had the opportunity to take a look at them during the IEM 2024 gaming event.

This weekend Katowice turned once again into the global center of e-sports thanks to the event Intel Extreme Masters 2024. At Spodek we could both observe the struggles of the best players in the world Counter-Strike 2 and StarCraft IIbut also learn about new hardware.

The top ZOWIE mouse and monitor go on sale

In the hall IEM Expo Famous producers from all over the world were present. Among them there was a gaming brand ZOWIEbelonging to the company BenQ. It showed, among other things, a mouse ZOWIE U2 and monitor ZOWIE XL2546X. Both devices were announced just a moment ago, and are already on sale.

ZOWIE U2 is a wireless mouse with dimensions of 124 x 38 x 65 mm and weight 60 g. Applied here symmetrical, profiled shell, which provides a secure grip and even larger glides than before. The user has at his disposal five buttonstwo additional ones are on the left side.

Equipment for real gamers has arrived in Poland

Here we get one of the best sensors on the market – PixArt PAW 3395 about resolution up to 3200 DPI. It’s also worth paying attention to large 2.4 GHz receiverwhich provides low latency, long range and stable connection. The reporting frequency is 1000 Hzand the working time is 70 hours on one charge.

Equipment for real gamers has arrived in Poland

ZOWIE XL2546X is a 24.5-inch monitor equipped with Fast TN matrix about resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels and refresh rate up to 240 Hz. Typical brightness reaches up to 320 cd/㎡, contrast up to 1000:1, and response time is 1 ms. The manufacturer boasts about its use DyAc 2 technology, based on double matrix backlight. It is supposed to translate into smoother image without afterimages.

The described equipment has already been available in Polish stores. ZOWIE U2 is priced at PLN 779and ZOWIE XL2546 on PLN 2,219. So these are not the cheapest peripherals, but after all, they were aimed at e-sports players.

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