enter the era of connected closets

Very often the connected house is limited to heating, lighting or even floor cleaning. But almost every corner of your home can benefit from connectivity. As shown here by the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock, a small connected module that secures cupboards and drawers.

The connected home greatly stimulates the imagination of manufacturers who sometimes offer us products, the concept of which can only be born by being confronted with a specific domestic problem. Which surely happened to the engineer who came up with the idea for the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock. A connected object which proposes to be a connected lock for cupboards and drawers which do not have one.

Is it really functional? Bringing connectivity to a closet door, is it really useful? We tell you everything in this Yale Smart Cabinet Lock test.

Design and functionality: an intriguing product

As a good lock specialist since 1920, Yale offers here a product designed to secure a drawer or a cupboard. This can be to protect the youngest children by denying them access to medicines or cleaning products, as well as to ensure the security of valuables. As part of our test, it is a question of preventing a certain Lina, a little black cat weighing barely 4 kg, from opening the door of the cupboard where the kibble is stored with her paws and preventing her from grants food independence that is harmful to their health.

With this product, therefore, we will be able to lock a cupboard or a drawer remotely. Finally, as long as we stay within range of Bluetooth, the wireless technology used to control the product. If you want to use Wi-Fi, to control it outside your home for example, you must add the Yale Wi-Fi Bridge. In addition, the latter is mandatory for support by voice assistants.

The Yale Smart Cabinet Lock comes in the form of a small white module of 41.3 x 40.6 x 41.3 mm for 63 g, battery included. Added to this are hooks that will be used to secure access to the furniture. The set is well finished and seems solid.

Installation and configuration: simple despite some imperfections

The installation of this product is not very complex. But, before you get to that, download and install the Yale Home app, then create an account and start the setup process.

The latter is supposed to be simplified by the use of a QR code placed on the product. Whether on Android or iOS, it didn’t work.

Two alternative solutions are then proposed: enter the serial number of the product in the application or select it from the list of products offered by Yale Access. We opted for the second, the first having also failed.

When the product is selected, the app offers access to an online tutorial before proceeding with the physical installation of the product. When we try to access it, we are treated to a disappointing error page. This is really not very serious, especially since the video is easily accessible on the manufacturer’s site.

The process is then standard and works without a hitch, apart from regular translation problems.

Once done, you will be offered to install the Yale Wi-Fi Bridge in the same process as the lock. Except that here the reading of the QR Code worked without difficulty. We feel a bit like the Smart Cabinet Lock isn’t treated as seriously as the brand’s other products.

Let’s come to the physical installation, which is best done when the installation process on the application offers you the “ghost tutorial”. The only real difficulty you might encounter is in the case of a drawer with an edge. The latter must not exceed 2.54 cm in height and 3.2 cm in depth. You will therefore have to use the long hook and not the short one, dedicated to cupboards or drawers without edges.

The suite is very simple with a mounting system that works both horizontally and vertically. Fixing is done via a double-sided adhesive system, and using a mounting template supplied with the lock. Once the main module is installed, put the double-sided tape on the back of the hook. You will have previously slipped the “locking guide» in the hook, this black rubber part allows it to be perfectly aligned with the main module.

Then simply close the door gently, but firmly, so that the adhesive surface attaches optimally to the cupboard door. Just remember to remove the “locking guide» after the operation and your Smart Cabinet Lock is functional. Finally, the addition of voice assistants is done by the respective apps of Alexa and Google Home. For Siri, you have to go through the HomeKit configuration.

In use: efficient and practical

Once functional, the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock does a great job of blocking the opening of a cupboard or drawer. Enough in any case to prevent an animal or a child from opening it. On the other hand, a motivated adult will overcome it after a few minutes. If this is the case you want to prevent, we advise you to reinforce the fixing with the screws supplied.

Note that if the door is forced open, you will be immediately alerted by a notification.

When you arrive on the application’s home page, you will have access to a very simple interface. A large button in the center allows you to unlock and lock the lock with the added bonus of a small animation during the action. The color code is simple, green for an unlocked product, red for locked and orange if there is a problem.

By going to the Settings, you will be able to access additional features. Thus, you can authorize the unlocking of the application by a PIN code, a fingerprint or Face ID.

It is possible to create smart alerts to inform you in real time when the door is opened manually, or opened by a specific user or if it has remained ajar. The app also offers a function to configure automatic locking when the door is closed. Or to add a time delay which automatically locks the door if it has been unlocked, but has not been opened within a set time interval of 10 to 30 minutes.

A very ingenious option avoids battery incidents: the lock is automatically unlocked when the battery level is too low. Note that the autonomy announced by the manufacturer is six months.

Yale Smart Cabinet Lock Pricing and Availability

The Yale Smart Cabinet Lock is only available in white at a price of 64.99 euros on the manufacturer’s website and at partner retailers such as Amazon.

The Yale Wi-Fi Bridge is offered at 79.99 euros on Amazon.

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