enough to compete with Xbox and PlayStation?

After two years of games available exclusively on smartphones, Netflix announces the arrival for the first time of certain games on TV. An experiment in some countries for the moment, but a real ambition to compete with the giants of the sector.

We still know it only too rarely, but Netflix offers free access to video games in its subscription. If you are a customer of the SVOD service, you can download excellent games like Oxenfree Or Terra Nile on your smartphone or tablet.

The firm has even bought a few studios in recent years to make a small place for itself in the very juicy video game market. Today, it marks a new important step by landing on our televisions.

A real competitor for Xbox and PlayStation?

Netflix therefore announces the arrival of its video game catalog on televisions and computers, in addition to the mobiles already offered. For the moment, this is a limited experiment in Canada and the United Kingdom, but there is of course a desire to extend it to all regions over time. Two games are offered during this test: Oxenfree And Molehew’s Mining Adventure.

If PC games are accessible via browser with keyboard and mouse, there remains the problem of the controller on television. For the moment, Netflix simply offers compatibility with the smartphone. Not sure that it is very practical to use a touch screen that we do not look at.

But that’s precisely what Netflix wants to test with this experiment and get feedback from players. For this first test, Netflix highlights compatibility with Nvidia Shield TV, Google TV Chromecast keys, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung and LG televisions, but no Apple TV on the horizon.

Netflix does not specify whether this time it is cloud gaming or not. On smartphone and tablet, the firm did not offer streaming, yet its specialty in film and series, but to download games for offline access. In this, the Netflix subscription was close to the operation of the Xbox Game Pass.

The bricks of a new video game actor are gradually being put in place. The least we can say is that Netflix takes its time. But it may be its best method to make a name for itself and one day compete effectively with the giants of the sector.

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