Elon Musk zapowiada nową usługę. To przez zamieszanie z Gmailem

Elon Musk announces a new service. It’s because of some confusion with Gmail

The recent confusion with Gmail has led Elon Musk to launch a new service. This one is supposed to be a competition for Google.

Yesterday we wrote about the confusion related to Gmail. A fake news has started circulating on the Internet, according to which Google intends to close its e-mail service this year. However, this did not stop Elon Musk from reacting to these reports. An eccentric billionaire is preparing competition for Google.

Elon Musk is preparing XMail

Due to the Gmail confusion, Elon Musk was asked on Twitter when he plans to launch his own email service, which could be called XMail. The billionaire replied that this one was coming. Unfortunately, we don’t know any details. It is possible that this will start in the next few months or even weeks, because Musk is famous for quickly launching new businesses.

Where does the name XMail come from? The answer is simple. Elon Musk has repeatedly emphasized that he would like to create one service for everything called X. This is the current name of Twitter, so it is possible that the e-mail service will be created on the former tweeter. The name XMail comes to mind and seems like a natural choice.

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