Ceny prądu w drugiej połowie 2024 roku. Rząd ma plan

Electricity prices in the second half of 2024. The government has a plan

Electricity prices have been frozen until June 30, 2024. What about the second half of the year? The government has a plan.

The freeze on electricity prices was introduced by the PiS government in 2023 to avoid drastic increases. The new government decided to extend this plan until mid-2024, but what happens after that? There is already a plan, although various scenarios are being considered.

Electricity prices in 2024

Experts warn us that if the price freeze is not maintained in the second half of 2024, Poles will face drastic bill increases, up to 80%. This could have drastic consequences for the budget of many farms. Fortunately, the government has a plan to prevent this from happening.

Miłosz Motyka, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, in an interview with Radio ZET was asked about freezing electricity prices in the second half of 2024. He said that the government would make a decision in March. The budget situation is currently being analyzed. Various scenarios are to be taken into account.

It may also be that there will be no such need. We are analyzing the budget situation. I am convinced that we will adopt a solution that will not hurt the poorest people.

– said Miłosz Motyka.

Currently, the maximum electricity price is PLN 412 per MWh, but only up to consumption of 1,500 kWh within 6 months. After exceeding this limit, the price may increase to a maximum of PLN 693 per MWh.

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