Produkcja samochodów elektrycznych będzie tańsza niż spalinowych

Electric cars will be cheaper than combustion cars, and soon

Electric cars are constantly gaining popularity, but one of their biggest drawbacks is their prices. Fortunately, this will soon cease to be a problem.

In 2023, for the first time in history, more electric cars (14.6%) than diesel cars (13.6%) were registered in Europe. Poland still lags behind the rest of the Old Continent in this field, because the share of electricians is only 3.6%. However, this result is still half as good as in 2022, which shows that even in Poland we are more and more willing to buy such cars.

The lower popularity of electric cars in Poland may be due to their higher price. Comparable models with traditional engines are still much cheaper. However, this will soon cease to be a problem. In just a few years, electric cars are expected to be cheaper to produce than vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

Electric cars are cheaper than combustion cars

From the latest Gartner report, we learn that by 2027, the production of electric cars will be cheaper than the production of cars with an internal combustion engine. Much of this is due to new manufacturers who are trying hard to redefine the status quo in the automotive industry.

They have introduced new innovations that simplify production costs, such as centralized vehicle architecture or the introduction of gigacasting, which help reduce production costs and assembly times. Legacy carmakers have no choice but to introduce them too to survive.

– said Pedro Pacheco, vice president of research at Gartner.

Unfortunately, it also has its drawbacks. Gartner predicts that new solutions that will reduce production expenses will also translate into higher repair prices. The average cost of repairing serious body or battery damage will increase by up to 30 percent, which in turn will also result in higher insurance policies. Analysts even believe that some companies may even refuse to insure electricians.

Despite this, Gartner estimates that in 2024, 18.4 million electric cars will be sold worldwide, and in 2025, 20.6 million.

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