Elektryki nie sprzedają się już tak dobrze. Sytuacja jest słaba

Electric cars don't sell that well anymore. The situation is poor

Electric cars are either selling worse or showing little growth. The situation is poor and may force producers to revise their plans.

Many manufacturers and experts predicted a bright future for electric cars. Last month, the head of Volkswagen, Oliver Blume, said that this is the future of the automotive market. Meanwhile, the data do not confirm this. Sales are poor, writes Gazeta Wyborcza.

Will the electric car market face?

If we look at the data on electric car sales, it is not as rosy as it might seem. In Germany alone, sales in March fell by 29%. compared to the previous year and by 14 percent when we take into account the entire first quarter. This is largely the fault of the German government's withdrawal from subsidies for the purchase of electric cars.

However, the situation is also not good in other parts of the world. In the European Union, an 11% increase was registered in March. fewer electric cars than in the third month of 2023. Repetition of last year's increase by as much as 37%. seems unlikely. If sales are higher, it will probably only be marginal.

The situation is similar in the USA. In 2023, the sales increase was as much as 47%. In the first quarter of 2024 it will be only 3.3%. Additionally, electric cars (BEVs) wait an average of 136 days for a buyer in the United States. This is almost twice as much as in the case of combustion cars.

However, the International Energy Agency is optimistic about the matter. According to them, 17 million new electric cars will be on the road this year, which is 3 million more than last year.

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