EKWB admits – there are problems. There was an official apology

EKWB admits - there are problems.  There was an official apology

The accusations against the Slovenian producer were not just made up. The LC market leader has actually lost financial liquidity, but the situation is slowly being brought under control.

At the end of last week we informed you about the problems EK Water Blocks, one of the few remaining computer hardware manufacturers in Europe. The accusations against the Slovenians were serious – arrears in wages, failure to pay raises and overtime, and failure to pay for orders.

The founder returns to the role of CEO and EKWB gets its act together

The reason for this situation is loss of financial liquidity. This is all because of a highly specialized market (components for liquid cooling systems) and capital frozen in the remaining components. She also turned out to be not without fault tragic communicationespecially between the European and US branches.

Today the founder of the company, Edvard König, issued an official statement. In it, EK Water Blocks confirms most reports of problems and apologizes to the company's employees, partners and fans. Since König's return as CEO some of the arrears have already been settledincluding tax issues in the US.

EKWB admits - there are problems.  There was an official apology

EKWB is also working to improve internal communication with all of its employees regarding the current situation, as well as to resolve any outstanding overtime wages. König realizes that in front of the company “still a long way to go” until the situation is rectified.

Dear community, media and partners,

First of all, I would like to say that we take this matter very seriously. It is true that some of EK's external contractors and business partners have experienced payment delays. We sincerely apologize for the difficulty this has caused and for the lack of appropriate communication.

In February 2024, I, Edvard König, took over as CEO again to get EK back on track. We have already addressed several issues, including filing taxes in the US. We have changed our priorities while our vision and strategic directions remain unchanged. We still have a long way to go, so we immediately started implementing the following key actions:

  • Communicate openly about any delays and uncertainties that affect outstanding payments, starting with those affecting our staff.
  • Arrangement of relationships and communications between all subsidiaries and entities of EK Water Blocks.
  • Improving the transparency and frequency of internal communication with all employees regarding our current situation.
  • Resolving any outstanding issues regarding overtime for EK employees. Anyone with a claim is asked to contact us so we can check and fix everything. For this purpose, we enter a dedicated e-mail address: (email protected).

We appreciate the patience and understanding of our community, customers and partners during this time. We are committed to meeting our financial obligations and regaining trust. Our mission of improving computing for a better world remains central to our focus as we move forward.

Thank you all for supporting us as we work through these challenges, just as you have supported EK for over two decades. Our goal is to rectify the situation and support a more responsible company culture.

– Edvard König

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