EK-Loop NGP, czyli jak tanio schłodzić procesor

EK-Loop NGP, or how to cool the processor cheaply

EK Water Blocks is expanding its offer. This time we are talking about an affordable thermal paste based on special nanoparticles.

The latest processors such as series AMD Ryzen 7000 Whether 14th generation Intel Core offer top performance in games and programs. All thanks to the large number of cores and threads and high clock speeds. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of high power consumption and, therefore, high temperatures.

EK-Loop NGP was priced at PLN 45 for 4 g

That's why efficient CPU cooling is so important now more than ever. We are talking about both the cooler itself and the thermal paste. And it happens that the leader on the LC market is a Slovenian company EK Water Blocksdecided to expand its offer.

EK-Loop NGP is a thermal paste with thermal conductivity 6.9 W/mK and specific gravity 2.98 g/cm3. We are talking about values ​​slightly below the most popular and most efficient solutions on the market, such as the series Arctic MX-4, Gelid GC-Extreme or native Pactum 4 endorphins.

EK-Loop NGP, or how to cool the processor cheaply

However, Slovenians claim that in their case the focus was on exceptional ease of application thanks to its good consistency and the included spatula. What's more, we're talking about long-lasting thermal propertiesso there is no need to frequently replace the thermal paste on the processor. It also does not conduct electricity.

The described thermal paste is already available for sale. EK-Loop NGP was valued at EUR 9.90, i.e about PLN 45 for a 4 g syringe. So it's cheap. It is worth delaying the assessment until the first performance tests.

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