Ecovacs wants to do everything at home

Ecovacs anticipates the IFA is just announced three new products. A new innovative robot vacuum cleaner in shape and substance, the first window cleaning robot with a mobile dock and an air purifier with the fake airs of R2D2.

Ecovacs is one of the leaders, along with Roborock and iRobot, in the robot vacuum market. It already offers some of the best technologies for mapping, navigation, floor cleaning and identification of obstacles, animal waste included. However, the competition is fierce and the manufacturer announces for the start of the school year three new references boosted with innovation.

Deebot X2 Omni the design and ultra-powerful robot vacuum mop

The Deebot X2 Omni is the new high-end benchmark from Ecovacs. A product that already stands out for its square design of 32 cm on each side. A pretty body that hides a concentrate of technologies and tricks.

Thus, this shape allows it to carry a wider than average brush with a distance between the brush and the edge of the robot of only 30 mm, which should improve efficiency, especially at the baseboards and corners.

We should therefore obtain a more precise and efficient floor treatment, especially since the suction power announced is 8,000 Pa. On paper, it is therefore 60% more powerful than its predecessor and according to the brand just as quiet. An assertion that we are curious to verify during our next tests. Note that wet floor cleaning is still part of the game thanks to two rotating pads at the back.

You will notice the absence of the dome found on all robot vacuum cleaners equipped with a laser rangefinder. Ecovacs has developed its own technology with a two-part system which can therefore be integrated into a square bodywork, without the need for a protrusion on top. This allows the product to display more than average power and a laser rangefinder, while not exceeding 9.5 cm in height.

The OMNI station allows you to recharge the robot, automatically empty its dust container, fill the robot’s water container, and clean the rotating pads. The main development is cleaning with hot water (55°), which ends with hot air drying for optimum hygiene. Nice developments for this X2, but we would have appreciated the presence of a function to raise the double rotating pads before going on a carpet for example. As the recent and more accessible Roborock Q Revo already does.

Winbot W2 the ultimate window cleaner?

With its new WinBot 2, Ecovacs is embarking on great promises by announcing that it has eliminated the three main disadvantages of window cleaning robots according to him: the difficulty of setting up, the variable cleaning result and the problems related to safety, mainly the falls.

The manufacturer bases its new product on a mobile multifunction station. Its lithium-ion battery should provide up to 80 minutes of cleaning time. The robot is connected to its base by a new cable that merges the power supply and the safety rope, for easier and more secure installation.

Ecovacs also announces a new suction cup technology for an ever more powerful hold against a window and especially its double nozzle technology goes to three. Thus, the cleaning liquid is distributed in a much more homogeneous way for a more effective cleaning especially at the level of the edges and the elimination of traces.

Airbot Z2, the R2D2 of air treatment

It is always pleasant to discover a product that does not have the design of its function. This is the case with the Airbot Z2 which is similar to an air purifier robot.

With a top speed of 0.7 meters per second, the Z2 moves autonomously through your interior. It uses the AIVI 3D obstacle avoidance technology which combines 3D sensors, ToF, iToF and a camera, and which is already used by the brand’s robot vacuum cleaners. Thus, this air purifier can map your environment and navigate it autonomously while avoiding obstacles on the ground. It is even capable of detecting unevenness and small steps, of analyzing them before deciding on its own whether it can cross them or not.

So we have an autonomous robot that purifies every room in the house with a constant flow of clean air. The AIRBOT Z2 ensures the elimination of airborne pollutants and bacteria. In addition, it humidifies the air without fog effect and is committed to refreshing the air! Finally, it will even offer a hair and odor removal function.

If the Omni X2 will be available in the third quarter of 2023, the W2 and the Z2 will not be available until 2024.

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