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Drivers versus sound signals in vehicles. Survey results

From July 2024, the European Union will require all new vehicles to be equipped with Intelligent Speed ​​Assist (ISA). Drivers have their own opinions on this topic.

This system is actually nothing new, we know it well. In practice, the solution used by most manufacturers is an acoustic signal of several seconds. It stops only when we start to slow down or brake. Now it will be possible to use ISA in a more extensive form.

The latest study conducted by the Road Safety Foundation showed that this is definitely the case Most drivers accept beeps in their vehicle when they exceed the speed limit.

The survey was conducted among 1,802 American drivers and its aim was to obtain information about what they think about the intelligent speed assistance system.

Thanks to current technologies, we could practically eliminate the entire problem of speeding and even get rid of the problem of fines. Instead, we seem to be going exactly the opposite, giving drivers systems that allow them to reach speeds of 144 km/h.

– says Ian Reagan, senior research fellow at the IIHS Foundation.

Over 80% of respondents would like to have it display function current speed limit. It is very useful and intuitive. The vast majority of respondents also agreed that so that a discreet sound is heard when the speed limit is exceeded. Interestingly, about half said they wouldn't mind vehicle technology which would make it physically difficult to press the gas pedal or automatically limit the speed.

I wonder what the survey results would look like for Polish drivers. Recall that from next month, the European Union will require all new vehicles to be equipped with ISA (Intelligent Speed ​​Assist) systems.

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