Dreame X40 Ultra cleans like no other - test

Dreame X40 Ultra cleans like no other – test

Demanding lovers of a clean home have just gained a new object of desire. Dreame X40 Ultra has every reason to call it an excellent device.

The best autonomous vacuum cleaner? The choice is not difficult

Robotic vacuum cleaners are one of the fastest growing categories of electronic products that have entered our homes. iRobot and its Roomba once reigned supreme, but for a long time now demanding customers have been running away from them and choosing Xiaomi ecosystem products. At the same time, not even Xiaomi, but products of brands specializing in vacuum cleaners Roborock and Dreame.

Dreame X40 Ultra - cameras

There was some hope Dysonbut the manufacturer's first robot it barely makes it to the docking station and doesn't return garbage to it. Samsung is also behind, because although it is already good at AI, it still hasn't learned how to mop. The Kobold VR7 cannot mop either – the Thermomix manufacturer's attempt to establish itself on the premium vacuum cleaner market.

Dreame X40 Ultra - elegant design

Generally The issue of mopping has always been neglected in automatic vacuum cleaners and actually only until the premiere of Dreame Bot L10S Ultra, which we checked in 2022, there were no vacuum cleaners on the market that cleaned floors properly. Last year's Dreame L20 Ultra was another earthquake – his mopping pads can go outside the device housingto get to previously inaccessible nooks and crannies. In turn, the Vormax system with a suction power of 7000 Pa allows for dust removal that has never been possible before.

Dreame X40 Ultra packaging is large

Well, it's 2024, Roborock still claims that the crescent-shaped attachment should be enough for mopping, and 10,000 Pa is a guarantee of the highest precision of vacuuming. Meanwhile, Dreame arrives all in white with the Dreame X40 Ultra, which sucks 12000 Pa (!), longer working time than the competition, rotating, double mopping pads and AI-based obstacle recognition system. What's more, the robot constantly finds all the nooks and crannies extends both the dust brush and mop pads towards them. It will shine here, it will bend there, will recognize a USB cable left behind whether it will miss an animal – in fact, it will even look for stains on the floor. And that's all in surprising silence, even with maximum parameters. I am really shocked at how much good has happened here in recent years.

Dreame X40 Ultra - sensors

Nice application

I don't know if it's a matter of getting used to it (I used Roidmi and Xiaomi until recently) or whether the applications of Xiaomi ecosystem vacuum cleaners are finally starting to look and work properly. Despite the multitude of new functions, their descriptions are already quite well translated into Polish in Dreame (with minor exceptions). We can also easily set the robot to communicate with us in Polish.

Some of the functions were transferred from the Dreame X40 Ultra predecessors and were thrown into a common AI bag. It's hard for me to assess to what extent there are improvements here that are actually based on artificial intelligence and how much of it is marketing, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is something else – it works. Apart from recognizing and avoiding obstacles as effectively as ever before (it's a subtle robot that won't break your furniture and skirting boards), I was charmed by one detail. When I had the do not disturb mode set on my phone, the vacuum cleaner did not empty the garbage container after returning to the docking station – just so as not to disturb me with noise. It all becomes so human and wise in the end. All you need to do is add Chat GPT to the vacuum cleaner and you will be able to talk to it in your free time :).

Dreame X40 Ultra - camera
We can turn on the camera in the vacuum cleaner and control it remotely, even from outside the home. You can even use the loudspeaker to say something to a household member or admonish a pesky pet.

There was no shortage of opportunities camera preview or even functions speaking through the vacuum cleaner's speakerthere are special modes for vacuuming carpets, with lifting the mop (by 1 cm) or even leaving it in the docking station. We can even arrange cleaning along the direction of the floor to minimize scratching of its joints. Of course, there are also the basics, such as adjusting the vacuuming force or mopping intensity, the ability to build virtual walls or clean only selected parts of rooms.

Dreame X40 Ultra in the docking station

I really like it too the speed with which the robot covers a new space — goes to the center of the room, makes a few turns and starts cleaning, taking into account new obstacles or even the entire new room. It's nice to look at all this, especially since the noise doesn't disturb your observation – it's a very quiet vacuum cleaner compared to the competition.

Dreame X40 Ultra - accessoriesThe set even includes floor cleaner – all you need to do is start cleaning right out of the box

How does mopping work in Dreame X40 Ultra?

Compared to the classic vacuum cleaner with a dust collection docking station, we have several accessories here. In addition to a large dust bag, there is space in the lower part of the docking station body container for floor liquid. The top of the docking station is occupied by two sealed containers for fresh water and sewage. Access to them is very simple and should not pose any difficulties for anyone.

Dreame X40 Ultra base

Before each mopping cycle mopping pads attach to the vacuum cleaner (magnetically) if the vacuum cleaner dropped them while vacuuming. Then, these pads are washed and disinfected with hot water can be set to up to 70 degrees. Water with floor cleaner is also pumped into the vacuum cleaner's tank, which is then used for mopping.

Dreame X40 Ultra - from the bottom

The vacuum cleaner does not mop non-stop, but moves so as to reach every part of the floor as economically and effectively as possible, raising and lowering the mops again. When the mopping process is completed, the vacuum cleaner enters from the i station places mopping pads on special graters. This is where it starts again cleaning and disinfection of padsand all this ends after the sewage is discharged drying the pads with warm air.

Dreame X40 Ultra - container for floor liquid

What is important, antibacterial tank and garbage bags with activated carbon ensure that unpleasant odors do not suddenly begin to emerge from the docking station. A similar task lies behind the entire process of cleaning and drying mops. All this means that we do not have to do anything after the cleaning process is completed. No need to worry about dust or a bucket of sewage. Although of course it is worth pouring out the dirty water after washing the mops systematically, we can still wait until the guests leave and the vacuum cleaner does additional cleaning. Or do we just check the vacuum cleaner once every few days? Of course, the vacuum cleaner will inform us with an appropriate message about running out of water or excessive sewage levels.

Dreame X40 Ultra - wastewater container

Dreame X40 Ultra won't do everything yet, but it convinces me

It is not the case that an autonomous vacuum cleaner will 100% replace a classic vacuum cleaner or mop. Such equipment is still useful at home, and both vertical vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners combined with a mop are available in Dreame's offer. You still need to have something to vacuum the nooks and crannies of upholstered furniture or the spaces under very low furnitureand some old, dried stains may require stronger chemicals than just floor liquid.

Dreame X40 Ultra - minimalism

What Dreame X40 Ultra will provide us with is the missing hour we would spend on cleaning or being ready for uninvited guests. Guests will be arriving in 1.5 hours? A quick command to the voice assistant and Dreame X40 Ultra drives onto parquets and tiles. I place an order for grocery delivery on Glovo and I can take care of everything else. It's like an extra pair of hands to help around the house. Until now, automatic vacuuming alone helped me a lot, now real mopping has been added to the set.

I am also very happy that the Dreame automatic vacuum cleaner is no longer a stupid machine that requires you to clean the floors first to function properly. It knows that the USB cable has fallen somewhere and needs to be bypassed, it doesn't complain about us – it just does its job.

After reviewing the competition's capabilities and checking the Dreame X40 Ultra, it's terrible in practice It's hard for me to rationally fault anything in Dreame's new product. If he stubbornly, he could still open doors or jump over thresholds to other rooms, but that's probably in the next version ;-). Meanwhile, from me Fully deserved 10/10 – competition, learn!


– I would say the price, but the competition gives less for the same money.


– well-thought-out design and careful design,
– very long battery life, perfect not only for the apartment, but also for home,
– innovative mopping and mop cleaning system (water 70 degrees Celsius, hot air),
– very fast navigation based on lidar, cameras and lighting system,
– extreme suction power, record-breaking 12,000 Pa,
– intelligent obstacle recognition,
– reaching nooks and crannies with movable mops and a broom,
– automatic lifting of mops or leaving them in the docking station when vacuuming high carpets,
– unparalleled work culture – cleans quietly and gently on furniture and skirting boards,
– high compatibility and availability of spare parts and accessories (Xiaomi ecosystem),
– support for Siri, Alexa and Google assistant.

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The Polish branch of Dreame lent the vacuum cleaner for testing

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