Dragon's Dogma 2 under fire. The creators explain themselves

Players are giving a clear sign that they are not satisfied with the state of Dragon's Dogma 2. CAPCOM responds to the allegations, but it does not look good.

It was yesterday, March 22, 2024, that the game debuted on the market Dragon's Dogma II. It is available on both PC and Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X consoles. It is the second part of the game published in 2012 by CAPCOM fantasy RPG games with an open world.

The game is expensive, full of bugs and micropayments

The title is not only loud because of the long wait, but also strong fan dissatisfaction. Players are so outraged by the manufacturer's behavior that Dragon's Dogma II currently has 20,954 reviews on Steam “Mixed”. It's mainly about increasing additional payments.

CAPCOM decided to respond to the matter in an official statement. We can read in it that The Japanese are aware of mistakes and crashesand solving them is a priority in the next updates. Low FPS is caused by high CPU usage, which simultaneously tracks characters and their actions in different zones. Here performance improvements are to occur “in the future”.

Dragon's Dogma 2 under fire.  The creators explain themselves

What about the fact that a lot of in-game options cost extra money? We are talking about such basics as changing the character's appearance, fast travel, resurrection and much more, or simply P2W. CAPCOM sees no problem herebecause everything can also be obtained in the game, if you spend enough time on it.

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