Download the latest macOS wallpapers and discover their secrets

Unveiled during WWDC in early June, the new macOS Sonoma and MacBook Air 15 wallpapers both have something to tell. We tell you more, while allowing you to download them in high definition.

macOS 14, aka macOS Sonoma, was announced on June 5 at WWDC, along with a new 15-inch MacBook Air, the announcement of which, to tell the truth, didn’t have much left. of a surprise. As tradition dictates, Apple took advantage of this new version of macOS to unveil a new dedicated wallpaper… and doing the same for the launch of its MacBook Air 15. Very good, but did you know that these two wallpapers screen, seemingly innocuous, both have a little secret to tell?

Let’s start with the most obvious of the two: the wallpaper of the MacBook Air 15. The latter relies on wavy patterns mixing shadows and light. Up close, nothing important transpires, but from afar and forcing yourself a little, you can read the word “Air“. Warning: once you see it, it will literally jump out at you.

When the macOS Sonoma wallpaper is reminiscent of Windows XP

THE “secretfrom the macOS Sonoma wallpaper is much harder to guess without a nudge. The most attentive observers will however have noted that the colors and the composition of the image are reminiscent (at least a little) of the famous green hill visible on the Windows XP fire screen background. A resemblance which is in fact nothing of a coincidence.

Source: Apple

As we explained a few days ago in an article, the Windows XP wallpaper was created from a photo taken in California by Charles O’Rear, photographer for National Geographic. More precisely, the original shot had been captured at the border of the counties of Napa and… Sonoma. A California region that gives its name to the new version of macOS. And, in this case, the macOS Sonoma wallpaper is strongly inspired by the very place where this mythical photo was taken. Coincidence or wink, hard to say, but we tend to lean towards the second hypothesis.

Anyway, you will find above the wallpapers in high definition. Note that if you want to download them in 6K version, and therefore with the best possible quality, it is possible to do so from this address, at the bottom of the 9to5Mac article.

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