don’t let burglars ruin your Christmas

If you’re planning to leave your home for the holidays, installing a security system might not be a bad idea. This is good, because Verisure is currently offering a nice reduction on its Alarm Packs for Black Friday.

Like every year, millions of French people will take advantage of the end-of-year holidays to get together with family. The opportunity to reunite with those we love, spend a little too much time at the table and create good memories for the year to come. This supposedly joyful time can, however, turn into a nightmare. After July and August, December is usually the month with the most burglaries in a year, with an 18% increase compared to the rest of the year, with a peak in crimes recorded on December 24 and 31.

While there are many ways to protect yourself from burglaries (closing shutters, leaving decorations on, warning your neighbors), the safest solution to avoid unpleasant surprises is still the adoption of a remote surveillance system. A system like those offered by Verisure, which combines cutting-edge equipment and remote monitoring agents to ensure the security of your home. If you want to take the plunge, now is the right time. For Black Friday, Verisure is offering a reduction of 500 euros on the alarm.

Why trust Verisure to protect my home?

While there are many players in the alarm and surveillance market, few can boast Verisure’s track record. With 35 years of experience and nearly 650,000 customers, the company is today the European leader in alarms with remote monitoring (No. 1 in Europe: Brand Category Track – Kantar Study – 2022). A guarantee of reliability and confidence which is far from negligible when you want to start installing an alarm system at home.

The other advantage of Verisure lies in the quality of its installations. In order to ensure the protection of the homes entrusted to it, the company uses the best on the market. A hybrid installation which relies both on modern equipment, at the cutting edge of technology and on qualified operators, specialized in surveillance, and capable of reacting to crisis situations when they arise.

Protection perfectly suited to your home and your needs

The big advantage of a Verisure alarm undoubtedly remains that it is a unique alarm, designed down to the smallest detail to adapt to your needs and the specificities of your home. To design this system, Verisure studies your needs in the smallest details before offering you a complete system, capable of securing the vulnerabilities detected.

A meticulous process based on three stages:

  • step 1 – quote: This crucial step allows Verisure to assess the risks facing your home. Location, surface area, number of openings, composition of the fireplace: everything is analyzed to build the foundations of your protection system;
  • step 2 – diagnosis: following the questionnaire, a security expert is sent to your home to study your home personally and take your needs into account. The results of this diagnosis allow you to refine your system so that it best meets what you are looking for;
  • step 3 – installation: Using the information collected in the previous steps, Verisure creates a tailor-made system to meet your expectations. It is then installed at your home within 48 hours by a specialized technician.

Each system designed by Verisure is based on a modular structure made up of several elements. First of all, an offer. Whether it be “the Optimal» or the “Total Home Security», it serves as the basis for your installation and includes all the basic equipment necessary to protect your home. It generally includes an alarm center, which serves as the heart of the system, and different modules (camera, motion detector, badge reader, etc.).

To complete this basic offer, Verisure offers equipment packs, also called Alarm Packs, allowing you to add new elements to strengthen certain aspects of your installation. Additional cameras or detectors, anti-intrusion fog diffuser, various sensors: you will have at your disposal everything you need to ensure your safety.

Flash sale: get €500 excluding tax on the alarm

If the idea of ​​installing a surveillance system to spend the end-of-year holidays with peace of mind tickles your fancy, now is the right time. Until November 26, Verisure is offering a flash sale on its Alarm Packs. These allow you to obtain all the equipment necessary for your installation at advantageous prices (compared to purchasing them individually).

Thanks to this flash sale, you will be able to save 500 euros on your future installation, regardless of the basic formula (Optimal or Total Home Security) chosen. This offer is valid for all contracts lasting 36 months. Installation and commissioning costs, as well as the monthly subscription and subscription to the remote monitoring service are to be expected in addition.

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