Does Honor benefit from the departure of Oppo, OnePlus and Realme from Europe?

A report on Honor’s sales shows that the numbers are very good for the manufacturer, especially in Europe. Is the brand taking advantage of its competitors who are seeing their sales figures drop, or even of those who seem to be leaving the European market?

The research firm Counterpoint Research has published a new note about the sales of Honor smartphones. The Chinese brand is experiencing a rebound in shipments, during a period when many of its competitors are experiencing a decline in their numbers. In question, a withdrawal of the latter on certain markets, including in Europe.

Honor: smartphone sales on the rise

Across all markets excluding China, Honor saw shipments nearly quadruple between the first quarter of 2022 and the first of 2023. While “many others posted double-digit declines“, notes the firm. Also, in one year, the brand has multiplied its sales by five in Europe, by six in the Middle East and by eight in Africa and Latin America.

Counterpoint Research expects further growth for the brand, as it covers all price ranges, with its entry-level Honor X, its mid-range Honor 70 and its Honor Magic 5 Pro for the high end. However, it is not the only manufacturer to experience growth: it is also the case of Samsung and Apple.

Growth that finds logic

It should be noted that Honor has only been independent of Huawei since November 2020. Following the embargo on American services put in place against Huawei, Huawei smartphones and Honor models could no longer benefit from Google services. A major constraint since many applications simply did not work.

Since then, Honor has recovered and recovered from the hair of the beast, recovering Google services. Its strategy has apparently paid off: instead of focusing on value for money in a very competitive market, Honor has tried to go to the top of the range, using the argument of the photo. Another strategy put in place: sales with operators. In France, it is with Orange and SFR, and at European level, smartphone sales through this channel represent 40% of total sales (this would rise to 55% in Western Europe).

A favorable competitive context for Honor

We had revealed it, it would seem that Oppo could leave the French market and more generally Europe. OnePlus is also in the hot seat, as well as Realme. The three brands belonging to the same parent company. Latest event: the closure of the Oppo online store in France. If for the moment nothing confirms this departure, the consequences can already be seen, including in terms of communication at these three brands. In Germany, sales of Oppo and OnePlus smartphones were already suspended in August 2022, which may also explain the renewed interest in Honor.

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