Korzystasz ze Spotify na komputerze? Ta zmiana Cię ucieszy

Do you use Spotify on your computer? You will be happy with this change

Are you using Spotify on a Windows or macOS computer? The platform is introducing an important change that should make you happy.

Probably most of us use Spotify on mobile devices, but I suspect that a large part of users also have dedicated applications installed on computers with Windows and macOS. The website is currently introducing a small but useful change to them.

Spotify with miniplayer on computers

Spotify introduces the so-called miniplayer. This is a smaller version of the window with the currently playing song, which will be displayed above other windows, e.g. the browser. This will make switching, stopping or checking the title of a song much easier because there will be no need to switch between large windows.

Spotify miniplayer

You can also turn off the miniplayer at any time if you don't want it to be currently displayed. This will not affect the music being played in any way, as closing it will not close the entire Spotify app. Miniplayer supports both music and podcasts.

Spotify how to enable miniplayer

You can turn on the miniplayer by clicking the icon in the lower right corner, right next to the volume control. Importantly, the function is only available to Spotify Premium users, so users of the free version with ads will have to stick with it for now.

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