Tam kodu BLIK lepiej nie podawaj. Wyczyszczą ci konto

Do you use Blik? The government agency issued an urgent warning

A new threat has appeared on the Polish network, targeting BLIK users. Scammers tempt you with attractive cash bonuses.

The Computer Security Incident Response Team of the Polish financial sector, better known as CSIRT KNF, draws Poles' attention to a new threat on the Internet. It is addressed to people using payments BLIKand the main attack vector is social media.

At first glance, everything looks good

On platforms like Facebook Ads and sponsored posts are starting to appear, informing about the possibility of receiving a cash bonus. In fact, they lead to fake siteswhere cybercriminals ask for the BLIK code and its verification.

Fraudsters take advantage of the popularity of the current BLIKOmania lottery, and the ad itself looks good at first glance. Only the details (font, logo size) reveal that we are dealing with a fake. The address itself is also questionable, because we are being transferred to the domain “rewardblik.com“.

The website promises up to a 50% bonus for transactions, up to a maximum of PLN 2,000, which is intended to make the “promotion” a reality. As a result, the user does not receive any money but only funds the fraudsters' account.

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