Korzystasz z Blika? Rządowa agencja wydała ostrzeżenie

Do you use Blik? The government agency issued a warning

CSIRT KNF warns against another threat. This time it is about BLIK service users.

CSIRT KNF identified another scam that can be encountered on the Polish part of the Internet. These are fake websites impersonating a payment transaction website BLIK.

Fake BLIK website steals money

At first glance, the fake payment gateway is no different from the real one. You will find information about the transaction and a field to enter the code. The only difference is this after entering the code, our funds will go not to the store, but to the criminals’ account.

You can recognize a fake website by its domain address campaign-blik.online. Be careful when using BLIK it is also worth checking each time whether the amount displayed in the browser matches the amount in our banking application. If anything raises our doubts, we should stop the transaction as soon as possible and it is best to report the suspicious website to CERT.PL. In this way, we have a chance to save not only our money, but also other Internet users.

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