Polacy nagminnie je wyrzucają. To straszna głupota

Do you throw away coffee grounds? You're making a mistake

Scientists have found a new use for coffee grounds. It can help fight climate change.

I guess most people reading these words like to start their day with a cup of coffee. But do you know what happens to the grounds that remain after brewing a delicious black drink? Most of them end up in landfill. However, as scientists suggest, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, they don't have to be – they can be used much better.

Coffee grounds a revolution in construction?

As determined by Australian researchers, coffee grounds may constitute perfect addition to cement. By appropriately processing them, including the pyrolysis process at a temperature of approx. 350 °C, it is possible to obtain material 30 percent stronger than traditional solutions.

Above all, the use of coffee in cement production can effectively contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In this way, the new technology has a chance to become another building block in our struggle against climate change.

Unfortunately, it will be some time before we see the new solution in action. Currently, research is still ongoing on the long-term durability of coffee-enriched cement. However, the reports so far look very promising.

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