Płacisz w ten sposób? Po 29 lipca nie będzie to już możliwe

Do you pay this way? After July 29, this will no longer be possible

Fitbit Pay payments will be available only until July 29, later they will be replaced by Google Wallet – it was announced.

It is not known exactly how many Poles use Fitbit Pay, but the fact is that since the company was taken over by Google, it has been a duplicate solution. And since it couldn't match its counterpart in terms of popularity, its end seemed to be a matter of time.

The discontinuation date of Fitbit Pay has just been confirmed – July 29. After this date, users must migrate to Google Wallet.

To the delight of those interested, the migration will be quick and hassle-free, or at least that's what the operator assures. Apparently, all you need to do is use the settings menu in the Fitbit mobile application and that's it.

Let's notice Fitbit Pay payments are currently available in 11 banks in Poland. In contrast, Google Pay is provided by as many as 17 institutions, and among the options unavailable to users of the less popular system, it is worth mentioning, among others: PKO BP or ING Bank Śląski.

Ultimately, the change should be good for everyone. Consumers will get a system that is more common and therefore more accessible.

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