Lubisz Japonię? W takim razie Seasonic ma coś dla Ciebie

Do you like Japan? Then Seasonic has something for you

It seems that a lot of PC enthusiasts are also interested in Japan. A leading manufacturer of computer power supplies has announced a limited edition of Sakura.

Although there are many companies offering computer power supplies on the market, most of them only stick their logos on ready-made structures from China. One of the exceptions is Seasonicwho designs his own platforms and sometimes even lends them to other well-known companies – Antec, Phantex, NZXT or in the past Corsair.

The Sakura version power supply was valued at approximately PLN 815

This time the Taiwanese have prepared a treat for their fans Japan. Seasonic plans to release a limited edition of the series Vertexwhose appearance refers to the cherry blossom period.

Seasonic Vertex Sakura Special Edition are fully modular ATX power supplies that offer high efficiency confirmed by a certificate 80 PLUS Gold. The whole thing meets the requirements of the ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 standards and includes cables 12VHPWR for graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000.

Do you like Japan?  Then Seasonic has something for you

It was decided here white and pink colors power supply housing and cable plow. They complete the whole decorations in the form of cherry blossoms and their petals. The unit shown had a power of 1000 W, and its specifications did not differ from the basic version of Seasonic Vertex.

Do you like Japan?  Then Seasonic has something for you

The suggested price in Japan is ¥30,000, equivalent approximately PLN 815. It is not known yet whether the power supply will appear in other markets. Japanese sellers advise interested parties to make reservations, as the number is to be very limited, and the described PSU will not be on permanent sale.

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