Lubisz samochody? To szykuj się na zmiany. Fanatec ma problemy

Do you like fast cars? So get ready for changes

The market leader in equipment aimed at sim racing fans is heavily in debt. However, Corsair comes to the rescue and will take over Endor AG and Fanatec.

The world of video games attracts over 3.2 billion people worldwide. And this is hardly surprising when we have a multitude of different genres to choose from, and nowadays we can play on computers, consoles, smartphones or even TVs using services such as NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

Endor AG is in debt of EUR 70 million

However, some games attract enthusiasts who are able to buy expensive computer sets and specialized solutions. The speech includes: about fans of driving or flying simulators. Today we will focus on the first of these groups, because changes are coming to the market of peripherals for racing games.

Corsair announced today that it has entered into acquisition negotiations Endor AGthe company behind the brand Fanatecwhich deals with sim racing equipment. Americans will give loans to Germany to finance short-term cash needs because Endor AG is in debt of EUR 70 million.

Do you like cars?  So get ready for changes.  Fanatec has problems

This operation is expected to ultimately lead to the takeover of Endor AG by Corsair. Fans of driving simulators, however, have no reason to worry. Corsair is aware of the position of the Fanatec brand and its huge community, and the goal is to further develop and expand the offer of gaming peripherals.

It looks very good on paper, because Endor AG has experience in the production of racing equipment, including steering wheels, pedals and complete cockpits for simulators based on PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles. The only question is whether Corsair will maintain its current quality and/or prices?

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