Masz taki telewizor? Stracisz dostęp do Canal+

Do you have such a TV? You will lose access to Canal+

The Canal+ application will soon stop working on some Samsung TVs. The platform announced the final date.

Canal + is one of the most popular televisions, and access to it is possible both as a satellite digital platform and web application. However, soon not all existing users will be able to use this second form. The Canal+ application will soon not be available on some Samsung TVs.

Canal+ will disappear from older Samsung TVs

The official Canal+ website contains information that the application will not be available on older Samsung TVs in the near future. These are smart models from 2015-2016. Canal+ announced that support for the application version for these devices will end on March 31, 2024. At the same time, the provider reminds that Canal+ content will still be available via a direct address and application on compatible devices.

Many people may now be wondering whether their TV will still support the Canal+ application. To do this, you don’t have to search your memory and remember the date of purchase. Just look at the serial number for a hint. Depending on the model, we will be interested in the fifth letter from the beginning or end of the code. For example:

QE 65QN900 A TXXC = 2021 series TV
UE 65 R U7025KXXC = TV from the 2019 series

Taking this into account, Samsung models that will no longer be compatible should have the letter K(2016) or J(2015) in their manufacturer code.

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