Masz PlayStation VR 2? Sony ma dla Ciebie dobre informacje

Do you have PlayStation VR 2? Sony has good news for you

Sony has good news for all owners of PlayStation VR 2 goggles. They will gain completely new possibilities later this year.

Owners of PlayStation VR 2 goggles have reason to be happy. Sony announces that the device will gain completely new capabilities later this year. Thanks to this, not only PlayStation 5 owners may be interested in it.

PlayStation VR 2 for PC

The Japanese have confirmed that they have started testing PlayStation VR 2 compatibility on computers. Until now, the goggles were exclusive equipment for PlayStation 5 and only worked with this console. By the end of the year, as Sony announces, it will also be available on PCs.

It’s unclear how broad PlayStation VR 2 support will be on computers. From the users’ perspective, the best decision would be full compatibility with SteamVR and OpenXR, because then they would be able to play almost all games in this category. Limiting it only to PlayStation titles is probably not even an option, because these (and we’re talking about the virtual reality category) are not available on computers.

PlayStation VR 2 is praised by reviewers for its good build quality. In terms of specifications, they are similar to Meta Quest 3, which is available at a similar price. However, what sets them apart from the competition is the eye tracking technique, which is only available in Meta Quuest Pro goggles, which cost almost twice as much as the Sony product. Therefore, PSVR 2 may turn out to be one of the better choices for computer owners over time.

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