Masz sprzęt AMD? Pora na obowiązkową aktualizację

Do you have AMD hardware? It's time for the obligatory update

Owners of motherboards for newer and older AMD Ryzen processors finally gain security patches against LogoFAIL and Zenbleed threats.

It looks like processor owners AMD they will finally be safe from the threat LogoFAIL. Motherboard manufacturers have started to release new BIOSes for their motherboards that have the update implemented AGESA in some cases a newer version 1.2.0.c.

AM4 and AM5 motherboards receive the update

LogoFAIL it discovers in December 2023 a security vulnerability in desktop computers and laptops. It uses the option to customize the logo displayed during system startup, which allows you to: bypassing securityby operating on ESP (EFI System Partition) and NVRAM.

Once LogoFAIL has infected the BIOS image, the vulnerability is then exploited during the DXE (Driver Execution Environment) phase. This allows you to bypass both hardware and software security (antivirus) and bootkit installation without being detected by the user.

AMD owners, as usual, had to wait a long time for a reaction. Intel patched the problem in December and quickly convinced board manufacturers to release the update. The Reds' partners have only moved into action in recent weeks. The new BIOS has already been released on AMD B550 platforms, but there is still no version for the X670.

If GIGABYTE is based on the older version of AGESA 1.2.0.b, yes ASUS, ASRock and MSI they immediately reached for AGESA 1.2.0.c, which also has fixes for another security vulnerability. Talking about Zenbleed from July 2023.

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