Masz konsolę Sony PlayStation 5? Pora na aktualizację!

Do you have a Sony PlayStation 5 console? Time for an update!

Sony has finally made publicly available a major system update for PlayStation 5 consoles. It brings a number of changes and features that improve the comfort of gaming.

The latest generation of stationary game consoles debuted at the end of 2020. That’s when we got it Microsoft Xbox Series X/S and Sony PlayStation 5. And although four years is a long time in the world of new technologies, both the Americans and the Japanese are constantly developing their products.

Sony gives us better sound and interaction with viewers

Today, March 13, 2024, Sony announced the release new system software update for PS5 consoles, which introduces a number of QoL changes and new features. The changes affect, among others: audio system. Previously, it was only available in beta form for selected users.

Updated wireless controller software Sony DualSense and DualSense Edge improves the built-in speaker so that it can now produce higher volume sound, allowing hear in-game sounds and voice chat more clearly. The AI ​​it has has also been harnessed better to reduce background noise related to button presses and in-game audio for a better voice chat experience.

Do you have a Sony PlayStation 5 console?  Time for an update!

Interactions in screen sharing mode are also changing. Players viewing Share Screen in full screen mode can now use emoji indicators and reactions to interact with the host’s gameplay. The option is enabled by default, but the host can disable it at any time.

Do you have a Sony PlayStation 5 console?  Time for an update!

At the end, we are left with a small functionality that improves the experience with the console – adjusting the brightness of the power indicator for Sony PlayStation 5 consoles. The new option is available in Settings -> System -> Sound and light signal -> Brightness. You can read more on the official Sony blog.

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