Cheatujesz w grach? Możesz mieć duży problem, także w Polsce

Do you cheat in games? You may have a big problem, also in Poland

Have you installed game cheats on your computer? You may have a serious problem. The case also concerns Poland.

I feel like fighting cheaters in games is like fighting windmills. We will never achieve complete victory. There will always be someone who decides to cheat to ruin the game for others and improve their morale at the same time. If it falls into this group, you may have a serious problem.

Malware in game cheats

It turns out that some gaming cheat programs contain malicious malware called Redline. This can steal a lot of sensitive data from the device, including passwords, cookies, information from the autofill function in the web browser, and even a cryptocurrency wallet.

The malware is distributed using the Cheat Lab program. It is available on many websites, in YouTube video descriptions, and for downloading on P2P networks. Its creators tempt dishonest players with the opportunity to get free cheats if they decide to recommend the application to their friends.

To unlock the full version, simply share this program with a friend. Once you do this, the program will be unlocked automatically.

– reads the message during installation.

This is how the program spread all over the world. Available information shows that it also appeared in Poland. Therefore, do not install it under any circumstances. Firstly, because you may expose yourself to big problems. Secondly, cheating in games is not cool.

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