Niepokojące informacje na temat nowego Xboxa. To może być klapa

Disturbing information about the new Xbox. This could be a flop

We are receiving very disturbing information about the next generation of Xbox. If they are true, Microsoft’s future console may lose to the competition from the very beginning.

The next generation of consoles may be lost by Microsoft from the very beginning. We are receiving very disturbing information about work on the device. These are supposed to be very chaotic and, above all, much delayed compared to Sony.

Microsoft can’t cope with the new Xbox?

Moore’s Law is Dead has provided some interesting information. He contacted three different sources, one from Intel and two from Microsoft, who gave him disturbing information about work on the next-generation Xbox.

Let’s start with Intel. A few days ago, I wrote that Microsoft was considering changing the supplier of main components. The blue producer was the favorite. A letter of intent was even signed between the corporations. The thing is that the Redmond company was supposed to withdraw from it. Intel will probably not provide components for the console, which was supposed to be a source of great frustration for them. The contract could return to AMD. It’s possible that NVIDIA is also being considered.

In turn, sources from Microsoft suggest that work on the console is significantly delayed. The Americans are to be at least a year behind Sony, at least when it comes to work on the SoC. Moreover, managers were wondering whether the Redmond company would be able to compete in the next generation of consoles at all.

Ultimately, the decision was to be made to create a new Xbox, but the very fact that another option was considered is a clear suggestion of Microsoft’s approach to the whole matter. The third informant also provided information that the earliest the new Xbox could debut would be in 2027. Meanwhile, in the case of Sony, there are rumors about the premiere of PlayStation 6 already in 2026.

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