Disney could follow Netflix’s lead

Almost three months after Netflix, Disney is preparing to test a restriction on account sharing in India. Initially, this measure would only affect the Disney+ Hotstar service, a version of Disney+ specific to the Indian and Indonesian markets.

It was to be expected, it would be happening. A few months after the end of account sharing on Netflix, the leader in the SVoD market, some competitors are considering implementing similar measures. We learn from the British press agency Reuters that Disney is preparing to test a similar measure in India (although less severe) on its Disney+ Hotstar service.

This information emerges as Netflix’s success in this area is more than encouraging: the end of account sharing has enabled the platform to garner crowds of new subscribers in just a few weeks. An attractive outcome for other players in the sector.

India and its huge market, first on Disney’s list?

In detail, Reuters reports that Disney would like to limit to four devices ” uniquely » account sharing on its Disney+ Hotstar offer. Currently, the service’s premium plan allows a maximum of 10 devices to be connected to a single account. A reduction that the firm would have already begun to test internally, within its Indian subsidiary, and this, with a view to deployment on the Indian market later this year. The goal? Encourage some users to pay for their own subscription after testing the service through account sharing.

If Disney did not wish to comment on the discoveries of Reuters, the firm would have every interest in implementing such a measure…a fortiorion the titanic Indian market. On site, Disney, Netflix, Amazon and JioCinema (local SVoD player) have all benefited from significant growth, and should share a market worth no less than 7 billion dollars by 2027 according to some analysts. Currently, Hotstar would also be the leader in India with nearly 50 million registered users.

As for the service’s premium subscribers, only 5% would actually use account sharing for more than four devices… which would have encouraged Disney to turn a blind eye so far. However, Reuters reports that the new restriction measure on account sharing could also concern the classic formula of the service, which this time limits sharing to a maximum of two devices. It remains to be seen whether these measures will subsequently be extended to Europe…

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