Despite facing design challenges, Tesla put its Cybertruck into production

According to Tesla, production of the Cybertruck has now started. However, the realization of this singular electric pickup continues to confront Tesla with complex design issues.

Since its announcement in 2019, the Cybertruck has sparked as much debate as it has intrigued with its radical shape and advertised performance.

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It only takes one look to realize that the Cybertruck is no ordinary pickup. Its angular and futuristic design, inspired by science fiction films, and its stainless steel body contrast sharply with the familiar curves and shapes of traditional cars. Which is, moreover, a source of mockery from the CEO of Ford (and his F-150 Lightning, the Cybertruck’s main rival). This body is actually an exoskeleton, which adds to the complexity of the vehicle and presents unique manufacturing challenges.

Tesla Cybertruck – FrAndroid

The first Cybertrucks can now be seen in the United States, if one is lucky, and the technical features that come with them are just as impressive as their looks. With a maximum autonomy of 800 km, a payload of 1,500 kg, an adaptive air suspension, and reinforced windows, the Cybertruck is not lacking in assets.

And yet, despite these arguments, some design decisions have drawn criticism. One of them is revealed by leaked image of the frame of the Cybertruck, which shows the absence of a connection between the cab and the bed of the truck. This could make camper conversions more difficult, a detail that many potential buyers were hoping to see.

A production that started

These design challenges are perhaps one of the reasons why mass production of the Cybertruck won’t arrive until 2024, a launch date that keeps getting pushed back. However, Tesla announced, in a tweet this weekendthat production of the Cybertruck has begun. But, Tesla does not specify whether it is a series production, or a pre-production.

Another point of uncertainty is the price. Originally, the base model of the Cybertruck was supposed to cost $40,000, but there have been many changes since the initial announcement. Additionally, Tesla stopped taking orders for the vehicle outside of North America last May, suggesting the price may well rise upon release.

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