Pożądana elektronika znowu do kupienia. W dodatku za grosze

Desirable electronics are available for purchase again. And for pennies

Are you a gamer and travel a lot? Do you dream of returning to games from years ago? No problem! The solution is the Miyoo Mini retro console.

Portable consoles are becoming more and more popular. I’m not talking only about large and expensive models such as Nintendo Switch, Valve Steam Deck Whether ASUS ROG Allybut also much smaller and cheaper proposals such as Anbernic RG35XX Whether Miyoo Mini Plus.

The Miyoo Mini console is again available in a 2.8″ version

Firstly, they take up little space and are easy to take with you when traveling, and secondly, they allow you to return to retro games and refresh your memories. And it so happens that Miyoo Mini is currently available at a very good price.

Miyoo Mini is one of the most popular retro portable game consoles enables emulation of NES, SNES, GameBoy (also Advanced), Neo Geo and Sony PlayStation 1 and much more. For a long time, the more compact 2.8″ model was difficult to obtain, and only the 3.5″ variant could be purchased.

A treat for retro fans.  At this price it's a real hit!

Fortunately, the official AliExpress store has it in its offer again and at a good price, because we are talking about 293 PLN (CLICK!). There are five color versions to choose from – translucent blue, yellow, retro beige, translucent black and white. The set includes, among others, a travel case and a microSD memory card.

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