date, autonomy, price… what we know about Google’s next connected watch

Google will indeed launch a new connected watch, the Pixel Watch 2, on October 4. Price, rumors, autonomy, name, design, we take stock of everything we know about it.

While Google is due to launch new smartphones on October 4, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, what about its next connected watch? After the manufacturer’s first model, the Google Pixel Watch, we are already expecting a new version, the Google Pixel Watch 2.

We can already take stock of the rumors and clues pointing to an upcoming release of the Pixel Watch 2.

A name confirmed for the Pixel Watch 2

In a tweet, leaker Evan Blass — better known under the pseudonym Evleaks — published an image on which we can clearly read the name of the “ Pixel Watch 2 ». If the leaker did not provide further context, his regularly reliable information tends to corroborate the fact that the watch will indeed have that name.

The image published on Twitter by Evan Blass

Furthermore, Google finally confirmed the existence and name of the Pixel Watch 2 at the beginning of September. In a video posted on YouTube, the firm showed a “ quick overview of the Google Pixel Watch 2 “.

More advanced health metrics for the Pixel Watch 2

According to information on the site 9to5Google, the American manufacturer would go further in its health and well-being measures on its next connected watch. In this case, Google could add to its new smartwatch a function present on previous Fitbit models, the Sense 2 and the Versa 4, but absent from the first Pixel Watch: the continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor.

The sensors of the Fitbit Sense 2

This sensor actually makes it possible, depending on the electrical activity on the surface of the skin, to measure the user’s state of stress, in conjunction in particular with heart rate, perspiration or heart rate variability ( HRV) of the user. In addition to this sensor, Google could also integrate skin temperature measurement. Information obtained in mid-September by the site 9to5Google corroborate these various leaks on the integration of a stress sensor and a temperature sensor. The watch would also benefit from new safety-related functions to spot car accidents, send your geolocation to emergency contacts or regularly ask you to report if you are well.

The video posted online by Google at the beginning of September also allows us to see a little more about the health data that can be measured by the Pixel Watch 2. We can in fact quickly discover it from behind, with a very different heart rate monitor from that of the first version and which seems to be inspired by that of the Fitbit Sense 2.

The new heart rate sensor of the Pixel Watch 2

It remains to be seen what data the Pixel Watch 2 will be able to measure, even if we are very clearly moving towards health analyzes similar to those of the Fitbit models.

A new processor for the Pixel Watch 2023

While the first Pixel Watch was equipped with an Exynos 9110 chip dating from 2018, Google would this time equip itself with an SoC developed by Qualcomm, the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1. Announced last year and already used on the TicWatch Pro 5, this chip has the main advantage of not only better performance, but also higher engraving fineness.

The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5

With this processor, the Pixel Watch 2 would benefit from an engraving fineness of 4 nm, compared to 10 nm for the previous model. Enough to gain substantially in terms of energy efficiency and therefore in autonomy with equal performance. According to 9to5Googlethe Pixel Watch 2 could thus exceed 24 hours of autonomy.

Same story for Android Authority. The site has obtained a lot of information about the characteristics of the Pixel Watch and it seems that Google has decided to integrate the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chip into its watch. However, Google would have skipped the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 version, equipped with a Qualcomm coprocessor, since Google would have opted for an in-house coprocessor, as was already the case for the first version.

On the battery side, Android Authority reports that Google would have opted for a slightly larger battery, going from 294 to 306 mAh. This growth of 4.08% should however not be significant enough and it will undoubtedly be necessary to rely more on the finer engraving process to gain autonomy.

Mid-August, it’s the turn of the Indian site MySmartPrice to unearth new public information about the watch. The Pixel Watch 2 has been certified by the FCC, the American communications authority. This certification thus confirms the presence of a chip “ SW5100 » (for Snapdragon W5 Gen 1) as well as 2 GB of RAM, identical to the first Pixel Watch. On the battery side, the certification also confirms the capacity of 306 mAh.

An identical screen for the Pixel Watch 2

According to information collected by Android Authority, the Pixel Watch 2 would retain a round Oled screen 1.2 inches in diameter with a resolution of 320 pixels per inch. We should therefore not have any major upheaval in this area, other than a change of supplier. Google would have in fact chosen to go through Samsung Display this time instead of BOE, which supplied the panel for the first Pixel Watch. By going through Samsung Display, Google could opt for a brighter display. Remember that the latest Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic can go up to a brightness of 2000 cd/m².

For the other characteristics of the Pixel Watch 2 screen, the certification by the FCC indicates that the toquant will be entitled to a definition of 383 x 384 pixels. A value which seems surprising, however, since the first watch was entitled to a definition of 450 x 450 pixels. An identical screen size also suggests borders that are still as wide around the panel. We should therefore not expect an edge-to-edge design as, for example, the Apple Watch can offer.

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Here again, the images shared by Google in its video confirm that the watch will indeed be entitled to a screen similar to that of the first version.

The first Pixel Watch
The Pixel Watch 2

Moreover, in terms of design, only the rotating crown, on the side, seems to have changed appearance, to blend better with the round shape of the rest of the case.

A UWB compatible Pixel Watch 2

Latest information delivered by Android Authoritythe compatibility of the Pixel Watch 2 with the ultra wideband (UWB) protocol.

If the Canadian site does not comment on the functions that will be offered thanks to this protocol, we can however imagine that the watch makes it possible to locate geolocation beacons, that it can be easily located from a smartphone, that we can send files to a nearby connected speaker, or you can use your watch to unlock a compatible vehicle.

What we would like to see on the Pixel Watch 2

The Google Pixel Watch was received rather warmly for its design… but is far from unanimous. In question, several problems arose and Google could respond to them rather easily with its Pixel Watch 2.

A more modern processor

The first point that could be corrected on this new version would be the chip integrated into the watch. On the first Pixel Watch, Google integrated an Exynos 9110 processor. This is a chip initially launched by Samsung in 2018 with its very first Galaxy Watch. A new processor, both more powerful and with greater engraving finesse, could help the Pixel Watch 2 gain not only in performance, but also in autonomy.

The Google Pixel Watch screen

As a reminder, Samsung’s latest connected watches, the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, are based on the Exynos W920 engraved in 5 nm – compared to 10 nm for the Exynos 9110 of the Pixel Watch. Furthermore, Qualcomm offers an engraving fineness of 4 nm for its W5+ Gen 1 chip. We therefore hope that Google will take the plunge with a more modern processor.

Thinner edges

One of the first criticisms made of the Pixel Watch, at the very time of its announcement at Google I/O 2022, concerned its design. If its round pebble shape may have been attractive, this was less the case with the large unused black borders around the screen.

The Google Pixel Watch

Google could thus gain display area simply by reducing the size of its borders around the panel. The firm could then catch up not only with the edge-to-edge screens of the latest Apple Watches, but also with Samsung watches. Indeed, several rumors about the Galaxy Watch 6 suggest watches with much thinner edges around the screen.

Several formats for better autonomy

When the first Pixel Watch was announced, Google took the risk of only releasing one watch format, with a 41mm case. A complicated bet when its main competitors – Samsung, Apple and even Garmin – generally offer their connected watches in two formats in order to adapt not only to large wrists, but also to thinner ones.

However, this is not just a matter of taste. The larger a watch is, the more it will be able to integrate a large battery, and therefore the higher the autonomy offered will be. An equation that is true both with Samsung’s Galaxy Watches and with Apple Watches.

The Google Pixel Watch

By skipping a large format model of 43 or 44 mm in diameter, the Pixel Watch also skipped long battery life. We would therefore like to discover a Pixel Watch 2 with a larger format, and therefore more autonomous. Even if, obviously, better autonomy for the small model remains a priority. However, our wish does not seem to be coming true, with leaks suggesting a single format for the Pixel Watch 2.

Pixel Watch 2 price and release date

According to information on the site 9to5Google, specializing in manufacturer news, the Pixel Watch 2 would be announced during the fall, with an official presentation at the same time as the future Google Pixel 8. The schedule would thus be identical to that of the first Pixel Watch. If the first model was first shown during Google I/O, it was however on October 6, 2022 that Google delivered the smallest details, during its conference “ Made by Google “.

For the Pixel Watch 2, things are now confirmed, Google has announced that it will hold its Made by Google 2023 event on October 4. Furthermore, the firm has already announced that its Pixel Watch 2 will be announced on this occasion and that it will be available for pre-order the same day.

As for the price of the watch, here too it seems likely that Google will align with what it already offered last year. As a reminder, the Pixel Watch was positioned as a high-end watch with a Wi-Fi model at 379 euros and a 4G model at 429 euros. We therefore expect an identical price range for the Google Pixel Watch 2.

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