Dacia could come and titillate the Citroën Ami

A Dacia that would directly compete with the Citroën Ami, the idea is far from absurd. It would also seem that the management of the brand is starting to think about it.

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The bet of the Citroën Ami could seem risky, but it is clear that it was successful. Despite its very rudimentary appearance, the electric quadricycle is indeed very successful, especially among young people. On a more symbolic level, it allowed Citroën to show a real ability to break automotive codes, in a context that was difficult for the brand.

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Even if they are also starting to market electric models, the historic car manufacturers do not seem really determined to enter the field of the Friend. Given their limited industrial resources, it would in any case be quite difficult for them to generate a sufficient margin with a low-cost car.

An idea that appeals to Dacia

Finally, the replica could come from the Renault group, and more specifically from Dacia. David Durand, the Franco-Romanian brand’s head of design, has no trouble saying that Citroën had a very interesting idea with the AMI. Journalists from the British site Auto Car have also asked him if Dacia could take over the recipe on his own. ” We thought about everything”soberly replied the person concerned.

Translation: there are obviously no plans at this stage, but the door is not completely closed for all that. For Dacia to try something, motorists should be more encouraged to drive in small electric vehicles, through tax exemptions for example. According to David Durand, who draws a parallel with the kei car in Japan, European governments must act in this direction.

The Dacia Manifesto concept as a basis for reflection?

What is certain is that an electric micro-car sold at low prices would fit perfectly into the range of the Franco-Romanian manufacturer. Moreover, the recent Manifesto concept, which embodies Dacia’s vision for the years to come, obeys a philosophy very similar to that of the AMI.

In the event of a green light from management, Dacia’s engineers would not necessarily have to start from scratch. The Duo of Mobilize, the new branch of the Renault group dedicated to mobility, could indeed serve as a working base. Considered the successor to the Twizzy, this small electric vehicle resembles the Ami in many ways, even though it was specifically designed for car sharing.

Stellantis continues its offensive

While waiting for a potential arrival of Dacia on the electric micro-city car market, the Stellantis group and its various brands continue to place their pawns. After Opel and its Rocks-e (which is not sold in France), it’s Fiat’s turn to have its own Ami version, the Topolino.

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