Crucial szykuje dziwne moduły RAM DDR5

Crucial is preparing strange DDR5 RAM modules

Are you low on RAM in your laptop or Mini PC? Were you planning to upgrade? Are the modules available in stores too slow or expensive? Crucial has something for you!

Modules DDR5 RAM entered the home at the end of 2021. It was then that processors debuted Intel Alder Lake-S and platforms dedicated to them LGA 1700which were the first on the consumer market to support a new, more efficient memory standard.

The new product from Crucial will debut on March 31, 2024

To start with, we received modules with a capacity of 8, 16 or 32 GB. A little later, the so-called “non-binary” solutions, i.e. modules with a capacity of 24 and 48 GB. They allowed us to offer much larger 96 and 192 GB sets, but mainly in desktop computers and servers.

It seems that Crucial prepared larger DDR5 RAM memory in the SO-DIMM standard, i.e. for laptops and Mini PCs. They offer an intermediate capacity 12 GB, instead of the classic 8 or 16 GB. We are talking about the factory effective frequency 5600MHz and delay CL 46 under tension 1.1V.

Crucial is preparing strange DDR5 RAM modules

Sales offers have already appeared pre-premiere in the first stores such as Amazon. The single 12GB module is priced at £45 and the 24GB kit at £88, i.e. approximately PLN 229 and 445. They are to be officially sold March 31, 2024 and can be an interesting way to modernize a cheap laptop.

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