Credite Agricole ma prezent, który spodoba się kinomaniakom

Credite Agricole has a gift that movie lovers will love

A new version of the joint offer of Credit Agricole bank and Cinema City has been launched, thanks to which you can get up to a year of watching films at the cinema for free.

A new version of the offer has been launched “CINEMA CITY – Catch up to a year of films for free”. Customers who they will open an account at Credit Agricole bank and meet the promotion conditions, they can receive unlimited and free access to movies with the Unlimited card, and popcorn for up to 12 months. You can gain up to 100% of the subscription value Unlimited cards, maximum up to PLN 50 bonus per month, as many as 12 times. In total, he can gain during the entire promotion period (18 months). up to PLN 600.

Additionally, in the application CA24Mobile They will wait for customers who meet the promotion conditions free popcorn codes. The bank will make it available to customers one code per month, i.e. a total of 12 codes over a period of 18 months. The codes will be available for download in the Benefits Club in CA24 Mobile.

Credit Agricole Cinema City

To take advantage of the special offer, you must open an account with a Visa card included in the package An account for you or A VIP account for you and express marketing consents. Then enough is enough pay by Visa card for a subscription to the Unlimited card within Monthly Payment Plan and actively use it – at least 10 times a month use it to pay for purchases online, mobile or BLIK.

Cinema City Unlimited is the first and only subscription program in Poland, offering the opportunity to watch films without limits, on the big screen, in cinemas all over Poland. Unlimited also includes all Cinema City cinema formats, i.e. IMAX, 4DX and ScreenX, for which only symbolic fees are added. Unlimited holders also receive the opportunity to participate in special pre-premiere screenings and discounts in Cinema City bars.

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