Cowboy lowers the price of its electric bikes with these new versions

Cowboy e-bikes are revamping their lineup with cheaper versions. But you have to make some concessions, with reduced equipment and limited connectivity. What to do even more harm to VanMoof?

While its Dutch competitor VanMoof tries to survive, Cowboy strikes a stab by unveiling a novelty. The Belgian manufacturer of connected electric bikes is redesigning its range with several versions per model.

However, the brand retains the three current versions: the new Cowboy Cruiser that we have been able to try out by CssTricks, the Cruiser ST (open frame) and the Classic with a sport position. Each of these three pedelecs can now be configured in three versions, making nine in total.

A stripped-down basic configuration

From now on, there is a basic “Core” configuration, recognizable by its chain transmission, in place of the belt, always at single speed. It is a much cheaper element, but noisier, requiring regular lubrication and cleaning. Above all, Cowboy does not incorporate a casing which could have protected the trousers and shoes from dirt.

Cowboy Core Classic

It also does not have full connectivity via the application, however with the counter, some trip statistics and GPS via Google Maps. The Cowboy Core also changes stem, losing its 10-LED battery gauge and phone charging via induction. And it is only available in black, with a slower charger (2 amps instead of 3). Another change, the AdaptivePower assistance that appeared in the spring disappears here, taking the name of “Intuitive Power”.

An intermediate version, but the complete Cowboy bike remains

Cowboy’s second “Core + Connect” variant adds the connectivity features of the original bike. It includes fall detection, predictive alerts, Share My Ride or the ability to go through the Apple Watch application. It completes with the AdaptivePower mode leveling the effort according to the elevation or other conditions that can brake the bike.

Cowboy Core Connect Performance

The third and final “Performance + Connect” option is the complete stock bike. It has all its connectivity, the carbon strap, adding the handlebar with induction charger and battery gauge, as well as the fast charger. It is also the only version that can opt for the 5 colors including Fig, Lavender, Clay and Sand, even the Cowboy Cruiser which did not offer them at the start.

A Cowboy bike at the reduced price of 500 euros

This new range of electric bikes is an opportunity to return to more affordable prices. Admittedly, we do not find the original launch model at 2,790 euros as in 2021, but the Cowboy Core goes to 2,490 euros, or 500 euros less than before. The Core + Connect is priced at 2,790 euros, and the complete Performance + Connect is at 2,990 euros, with no change in price.

Cowboy Cruiser Classic range summer 2023

Please note that these rates are probably temporary. The firm has already warned of wanting to increase its electric bikes in August, and this should concern this new range. Delivery times have also jumped, from 5 weeks minimum and until October for certain configurations if you order now.

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