Corsair MP700 PRO SE, czyli bardzo szybki i pojemny SSD

Corsair MP700 PRO SE, a very fast and capacious SSD

Do you have a new processor and motherboard? Are you looking for a record-breakingly efficient SSD? Then Corsair has something for you. We're talking about top performance.

Both IntelWhat AMD They have been offering supporting processors for a long time PCI Express 5.0. This interface means twice the throughput of the previous generation. For now, this is most important in the case of semiconductor media, which can achieve much higher transfers.

Corsair MP700 PRO SE offers up to 5 years of warranty

And it happens to be an American company Corsair introduced a new model to the market. We're talking about a cheaper (but not cheap) SSD in the form of the MP700 Pro SE. It focuses on proven components and top performance.

Corsair MP700 Pro SE is a medium in format M.2 2280which uses the PCI Express 5.0 interface and protocol NVMe 2.0. We are dealing here with a proven controller Phison E26232-layer dice 3D TLC NAND from Micron and a large LPDDR4-4266 cache from SK hynix.

Corsair MP700 PRO SE, a very fast and capacious SSD

The declared efficiency is up to 14,000 MB/s for reading and up to 12,000 MB/s for sequential writing. The first foreign tests confirm good results, but there are complaints about high power consumption and temperature.

Corsair MP700 Pro SE is available in versions 2 and 4 TB. Suggested prices in Poland are as follows 1,519 and 2,899 PLN. The manufacturer provides up to 5 years warranty limited by the saved data ratio.

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