Czyszczenie komputera dla ryzykantów. Sam Microsoft nie wie, czy to OK

Computer cleaning for risk takers. Microsoft itself doesn’t know if this is OK

Programs for broadly understood system optimization are rarely worth attention, but it would seem that when such a tool is created by Microsoft itself, it would be a sin not to use it. Well, appearances are deceiving.

Program PC Manager, which is what we are talking about here, debuted in 2022, but he had to wait a little longer for his real chance. It was only last year that it came to fruition promotional campaign in the Microsoft Storewhich pushed its popularity up.

As promised, PC Manager was supposed to help keep your computer tidy and thus ensure faster operation of the device. However, theory does not necessarily go hand in hand with practice.

One Microsoft will say delete, the other will not

The folder is the axis of confusion Prefetchwherein Windows stores so-called files prefetching. Simply put, they contain information about the details of the operation of installed applications to speed up their launch.

This is why clearing the prefetch folder is in the Windows documentation strongly discouraged. Despite this, PC Manager, as noted by the “Hot Hardware” website, clears this folder.

You can argue whether this really shouldn’t be done, since the function does not have the ability to refresh itself, so it retains data after applications have been deleted. And does Prefetch itself make sense at all in the era of fast SSD drives? However, the Redmond company clearly lacks consistent communication on this issue.

Free Chinese affiliate links

But inconsistent communication is actually the lesser of PC Manager’s two problems. They are bigger affiliate links placed in the applicationusing Chinese advertising trackers – rated.

In fact, the tool was first shown in China, so the explanation of the mystery is very simple – sloppiness. Another thing is that such a large company as Microsoft should take better care of software with its own logo.

But is PC Manager dangerous? Honestly, there is no indication of this. Only, from an image perspective, it doesn’t look the best and doesn’t encourage people to trust it.

A hypothetical advantage of the application is that it should unattended solve some problems that nominally require the use of the command line (DISM). However, with the chaos in the back of our minds, the effects may not necessarily be as expected. The editors wouldn’t use it.

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